SEO Web Magic - Search Engine Optimisation Gold Coast

July 12, 2012

SEO Gold Coast and SEO Web Magic are owned and operated by Andrew and Trish Riedel and have been set up to assist local business owners to achieve greater visibility online through first page results on Google, YouTube, Yahoo and Bing.

Let's face it business is tough right now, particularly on the Gold Coast, and businesses need to take control of their online presence. That can be extremely difficult for the average business owner who is so busy just managing the day to day grind of staff, customers, bills, wages and the myriad of tasks that need to be done. The online stuff just doesn't get a look in and sometimes the business doesn't even have a website! 

If you are a Gold Coast business then you are aware that people from the southern states, New Zealand and South Africa  are relocating to the Gold Coast in large numbers. Two things that all of these visitors have in common is 1. a need to find goods and services and 2. a smart phone that is hooked up to the internet.

Therefore, if your website is not mobile friendly or ranking on the first page of Google there is zero chance these new arrivals will find your business. They will however, use your competitors who are taking advantage of internet marketing and being 'seen' online.

Andrew and Trish Riedel are dedicated to helping Gold Coast businesses manage their online presence, reputation management, video marketing, website optimisation etc.

To find out more, give Andrew Riedel a call on 61 414 320 016